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Aboul Reesh Hospitals
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Abul Reesh hospitals… A Journey of Development
WOITE has been constantly working for years foundation has renewed the infrastructure of the hospital with all the needed restructures, and provided the necessary essential needs to raise the efficiency of the provided services, and to provide a safe environment for pediatric patients.

We also re-allocated and coordinated the departments’ halls and rooms to suit the current disciplines and those imposed by the need, in order to provide the appropriate environment for the medical staff to provide a developed and distinct high, medical and social service for the pediatric patients in the hospital, and also to provide a developed educational service for students.

Waiting lists reduction within Abul Reesh
We have also conducted surgeries in the pediatric heart catheterization unit, which included the installation of heart-holes valves and pacemakers, in addition to open-heart surgeries in Abul Reesh Japanese hospital, that witnessed some pediatric procedures of all ages including infants, and we are still working on reducing the accumulated waiting lists in different hospital departments.

Our renovation Projects in Abul Reesh include:
Internal medicine, general and specialized surgery sections
Renal inpatients
Emergency unit
Intensive care units
OR units
Establishment of intermediate care units:
1- Cardiac patients rehabilitation unit
2- Intermediate care unit for internal medicine sections
3- Intermediate care unit for general surgery unit
4- Intermediate units for after surgery for specialties
Non-medical services:
1- Doctors residence
2- Ballroom and lectures halls
3- Library
4- Kitchen

Services improvement and development
In improving and developing non-medical services provided to patients, we achived the following:
Contracting a specialized company to carry out cleaning and security services
Contracting a specialized company to maintain renovations to help achieve the objectives behind the renovation and replacement process.
Hiring a specialized company to carry out pest and rodent control work

Human resources development
Training courses have been provided to the nursing staff in various units, in addition to granting them extra monthly salaries,to ensure maintaining competences and to prevent their leakage to private sector hospitals. Efforts in this area include:
1- Studying the needs, assessing efficiency, re-distributing and updating general structure of those needs
2- Communication, management and supervision skills training
3- Training courses to increase the technical skills level according to the specialty
4- Computer and English skills training