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What is meant by database automation?
Almost all public hospitals keep patients records in paper form. Exposing those files to dangers of accidental loss. In addition, the lifecycle of each patient in the hospital(s) is prolonged by endless bureaucratic procedures, especially when transferring lots of patients between several hospitals.

Today, advanced technology, in this regard, provides a number of techniques, including automated archiving systems through computer systems, for all the patients’ data to be digitally stored, and linking them through internal and external networks. All patient and hospital departments data is restored digitally.

What are the benefits behind this project?
Automation Benefits include:
• Work facilitation for all parties (hospital management, staff, patients)
• Electronic medical record for each patient
• Saving at least EGP 1.5 million annually from the cost of printing x-ray films
• A fixed number for each patient where data can be retrieved by one click anytime
• Data accuracy and accessibility
• Linking hospital departments together facilitating data transfer between them.
• Providing easily accessible medical data for scientific and medical research
• Ability to stream lectures online and live broadcasting the surgical operations
• Provide clear and accurate data, reports and statistics, enabling decision makers in the hospital and ministry of health to take right decisions and to develop clear plans for improvement and development.

Signing cooperation protocol with ministry of administrative development
We owe it to Egypt signed a cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Administrative Development, whereby the foundation is to fund and support the ministry’s project of automating several medical educational institutions in Egypt. This project will continue over the next 3 years, where we will integrate electronic systems linking all these institutions together and electronically archive all their data and automize their units.

Our achievements in the database Automation Project
We have completed the automation of Abul Reesh Al Mounira hospital, and finalized the first phase, which includes the patients’ database recording and training the users of those programs.

What's the next step?
After the success of automating Abul Reesh Al Mounira hospital experience, we are currently working on the National Cancer Institute and Abul Reesh Japanese hospital, and continuing the same project for Ain Shams university hospitals.