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Centers of Excellence
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We Owe it to Egypt follows a methodological and institutional approach to development, paying attention to details of which intervenes in the core of the provided medical service, which is necessarily reflected on millions of patients over the long term.

Such methodology has proven the possibility of making a positive and sustainable impact, which not only requires participation with financial resources, but also mainly needs active participation and strong institutional framework supported by involvement, attention to detail, and constant follow up.

In this, the foundation provides the following:
• Renovating and equipping operation rooms, IC units, emergency units, service units, etc. in order to provide a high quality service starting from first stages of developing infrastructure and processes, down to providing and maintaining medical equipment.
• Improving medical staff efficiency through granting bonuses to nursing staff to ensure they work with full attention, plus providing ongoing training courses to raise their professional competency.
• Establishing infection control systems through assigning cleaning companies with regular monitoring, and appointing security members for the patients and staff safety.