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National Cancer Institute
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Why the National Cancer Institute?
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is considered one of the most important medical and scientific institutions in Egypt offering vital healthcare services for patients. It receives more than 10,000 patients each month monthly and 20,000 new patients annually. Due to the lack of specialized Cancer centers in Egypt's rural arias; the institute is the only medical shelter for cancer patients from all cities for free therapy.

We Owe it to Egypt Efforts at NCI
We Owe it to Egypt has renovated the intensive care unit and contributed in renovating operating rooms. We took part in purchasing advanced anesthetization units for the five operating rooms and equipping and renewing the intensive care unit completely (11 beds) with the latest medical equipment.

What the foundation has provided is considered a leap in healthcare services at the institute, today a new door for doctors and staff has been opened to help them save the lives of thousands of patients, as the new unit is now able to conduct nearly 5,000 surgical operations annually, also for the intensive care unit to annually receive around 1,200 patients.

A New operational structure
The unit is mainly prepared to nurse patients after going under surgery.

Respirators, kidney and heart medication, intravenously drugs are main tools used in the unit and the foundation is currently working on continuously providing those tools through collecting resources and periodically following-up on the unit’s requirements.

The foundation has appointed a medical representative who works on coordinating between the medical staff and patients, where she follows up on the critical cases and books surgeries appointments, and then follows up on medical and administrative procedures to make sure they are on the right track. We also created an infection control system through which we monitor and test levels of infection periodically to make sure that our cleaning procedures are successful in maintaining a 0% infection rate.

Waiting lists adoption at the National Cancer Institute
The Foundation has adopted operating dozens of breast cancer eradication surgeries, as waiting for long periods before surgery might lead to the spread of the tumor making the surgery useless. Therefore, the foundation signed a protocol with the institute to open 2 operating rooms for 12 hours daily in order to operate as many surgeries as possible.

The foundation representative shall accompany the patient in all these stages, then the foundation follows up with the patient through the phone to make sure of their safety after leaving the hospital, and also to communicate complaints in order to take them into consideration on the following surgeries. The foundation also developed the code blue system, by which a trained nursing team is prepared to work as a revitalization team serving the entire institute, where they are able to reach any department in the institute in less than a minute once they receive a report.

The foundation has appointed 10 members in the nursing staff with paying their monthly salaries, in order to increase the number of the nursing staff to reach worldwide rates (1 nurse for every 2 patients). On the other hand, the foundation has provided training courses for nursing staff to develop their skills in handling patients especially critical cases. As we as we believe in the importance of developing and raising the human capacity in every healthcare institution as they are considered the basic foundation for the development of health services in Egypt.