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Other Achievements
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Our 2013 achievements in numbers
Throughout 2013 we sponsored the following operations (figures include supplying medical supplies, medical team salaries, advanced medical equipment, running costs, and surgical supplies.)
•3300 surgeries at general surgeries unit, Abul Reesh Mounira hospital, total cost of EGP 750,000
•200 operations at NCI with the total cost of EGP 660,000
•33 open heart surgeries at Abul Reesh Japanese hospital, cost of EGP 85,000
•58 catheterization procedures at Abul reesh Mounira. Cost: EGP 120,000
•20 cosmetic surgeries at Abul Reesh Japanese hospital, cost of EGP 29,000

Sponsoring medical caravans to examine children's eyesight
•Eyesight defects are some of the most dangerous challenges faced by poor Egyptian children. Parents unawareness could play a role in the deterioration of the child's eyesight. The earlier it's discovered, the better the chance these defects are corrected with minimal loss. We Owe it to Egypt sponsored a medical caravan to examine 400 students in a poor area in Cairo in celebration of the world eyesight day sponsored by the UN. Parents feedback was overwhelming as we were met with enthusiasm at the awareness sessions conducted at the schools.
Facts about the caravan:
•35% of the children got their eyesight corrected through providing them with eyeglasses
•25% were diagnosed with squint eyes
•2% were referred to hospitals for an urgent operational procedures

All these cases wouldn’t have been discovered without those caravans taking place to check children's eyesight and inform them of right habits to follow

Now children can go back to their classes and get a better education with no hassle.

Scientific Research
WOITE began its journey in technological development and support of scientific research by providing sophisticated IT systems and funding stem cell studies at the medical research center MERC at the Urology and Nephrology center in Mansoura; donating 4 million Egyptian pounds. Today, the initiative has developed to include hospitals and other medical institutes enjoying advanced databases, under our "public hospitals automation" initiative.

Nursing with Global Standards
WOITE foundation follows an approach that takes into consideration international quality standards in providing medical services. We are keen to provide trained nursing staff in public hospitals. We started by raising the percentage of nurses in intermediate care unit for pediatric heart patients according to the international quality ratio (one nurse for each 4 children), as well as in the post-surgery intensive care unit at the National Cancer Institute (one nurse for each two patients). The foundation also pays additional salaries for nurses and provides them with ongoing training to enhance their competencies.

Infection Control
With our belief in “prevention is better than cure” principle, WOITE provides for cleaning services and infection control in accordance to international standards at Abu El-Rish Japanese hospital and the National Cancer Institute (some units), this is gravely important due to the risk hygienic issues hold to patients' condition, sometimes leading to death if disregarded, especially in cancer patients who do not have any immunity because of their treatment. Random swaps are taken every two months to make sure that infection rates are kept to zero levels.

Hospitals Security
For the safety of patients and staff, WOITE provided security and guarding services to Abu El-Rish Japanese hospital due to the multiple complaints by the hospital's management. Monitoring the performance of the company is constantly done by our employees.