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Our Distinction
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What distinguishes We Owe it to Egypt from other foundations?
• Arab African International Bank sponsors all administrative and operating expenses. All donations are directed to our projects.
• A track record of social sustainability work since 2003
• The first social development foundation established by a bank in Egypt
• Building foundational structures for development in order to ensure sustainable development
• Sustainable cooperation with stakeholders to ensure impact
• We do not offer only financial contribution; we are totally involved in the operational and institutional process, working closely with other parties to ensure professional development and sustainability.
• The foundation is based on AAIB's practical experience in renovating “Abul Reesh” hospital, which included funding infrastructure and improvement of hospital services and human resources.
• Ability to effectively participate in social development, as individuals may have financial ability but lack the system and structure enabling them to direct their funds in the right direction, and this is what the foundation provides.