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Photo Gallery
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zagazig hospital
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Zagazig Hospital
El zaytoun hospital
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Dialysis Machine
El zaytoun hospital
Aboul Reesh Hospital
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Aboul Reesh Hospital (Japanese)
Abou El Reesh El Mounira Children's Hospital
Aboul Reesh Mounira Children's Hospitals - phase two
Aboul Reesh Mounira Children's Hospitals - phase one
CUSPH After Renovation
CUSPH Before Renovation
Location for Building a Day Annex
Upgrade Nuerosurgical Unit
Mansoura University: Center for Urology and Nephrology
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Signing Protocol
Mansoora-center of excellence
Awareness Events
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National Cancer Institute
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وحدة الرعاية المتوسطة
intensive care unit
IC Unit
Aswan Cataract Operations
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