Projects in Progress
Kasr El-Aini Main Blood Bank Development Project

WOTE aims at, through its major project, developing Kasr El-Aini Main Blood Bank to control blood distribution in hospitals and to eliminate blood waste rates. It also aims at ensuring blood conservation and transferring the same in a safe manner from the Blood Bank's units to different units of Kasr El-Aini, through upgrading the infrastructure of the blood bag release units and linking the same to all branches of the Blood Bank, so as to ensure proper functioning and blood sample coding. Thus, the release of blood bags will be safe and maintained, released and retained blood bags can be traced out.

In this vein, the Foundation will upgrade the blood donation units and the synthesizing unit by providing the same with necessary devices, equipment and refrigerators, which will raise the rates of the strategic stock of blood products to all Kasr El-Aini Hospitals.

WOTE Mobile Clinics
Specially-equipped for such mission. Such clinics include labs, clinics and patient waiting rooms and will cover all parts, governorates, villages and hamlets of Egypt. WOTE will be the first civil society institution adopts such health units in Egypt, which aim at delivering health services to poor patients in many places, particularly the poorest ones.

Development of the Operation and Kidney Unit of Abul-Reesh Mounira Hospital
On the other hand, WOTE will initiate the upgrade and establishment in the third phase of developing the operations in Abul-Reesh Mounira Hospital, which consist of the lecture hall, the ICU and the Kidney Transplant Unit, and will renovate and equip the same with the latest modern medical equipment and technologies.

Increasing WOTE Support to Medical Supplies of Hospitals
Due to increased needs of the Brain and Neurology Unit and the Cardiac Catheterization Unit of Abul-Reesh Japanese Hospital and patients' load, the WOTE decided to increase the provided support to reach 600 valves a year.
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