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Waiting Lists
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Lots of Egyptian public hospitals offer free medical services, yet the capacity of these hospitals cannot accommodate all patients in need for treatment, forcing them to stay on waiting lists. Patients, lots of them children under the age of 14, may wait for up to two years for their turn.

We Owe it to Egypt adopts surgical procedures in order to accelerate the eradication of these lists in sections of: open-heart surgeries, cardiac and catheters surgeries, oncology, neurosurgeons and others for hundreds of patients monthly.

The foundation's contributions in this field include: covering surgery costs, providing needed medical supplies and devices needed in surgical procedures such as heart and brain valves, also coordinating with hospitals in order to extend working hours. In addition to following up with patients before and after their procedure to ensure they received best medical care.

Achievements in “Waiting Lists” project
Our "Waiting lists" project had a great impact in reducing waiting lists extending to 2015, we adopted the waiting lists in the surgery unit in Abul Reesh Al Mounira hospital leading to a 200% increase more than last year in the operated surgeries rate, through equipping an additional operating room in the unit.

We have also sponsored surgeries in the pediatric heart catheterization unit, which included the installation of heart-holes valves and pacemakers, in addition to open-heart surgeries in Abul Reesh hospital, and breast cancer procedures in the National Cancer Institute, which eventually resulted in the reduction of the waiting lists that was extended to the period of 3 months in only one month.

What we aim to achieve in this field
In the coming period, we wish to achieve the following at Abul Reesh hospital, and of course that will never be accomplished without your help and ongoing contributions

Recovery unit expansion (Total cost: 1,400,000 L.E)
We need to expand the recovery units from 2 to 9 recovery beds, to be able to accommodate patients who are going to have surgeries, especially that we already expanded operating units for up to 6 beds. And that is the project that we are currently working on completing (thanks to your donations)

Establishing and equipping the one-day surgery units (Total cost: 700,000 L.E)
In this project, we wish to establish and equip a one-day surgery room with a capacity of 10 beds, including medical equipment and supplies in order to perform small and medium operations.